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21 Amazing Ways To Use Your Fabric Scraps In 2023

Fabric scraps can easily accumulate if you are a sewer or crafter, but they can also be extremely useful to make some fun projects cheaply. I once saw a friend of mine sew up the cutest fabric flowers that I have ever seen (no. 12), and it got me thinking – how awesome to be able to have fabric scraps around the house so that you can whip up a fun gift for just little to no cost at all. I have rounded up some awesome fabric projects you can use those scraps for, and I hope you enjoy them too!

Here are some Amazing ways you can use up your Fabric Scraps

1. This owl pillow looks quite cuddly and beautiful for any kid. This owl pillow is the perfect addition to any child’s collection. It’s made with love and is totally customizable to any size and color you may want.

fabric scraps

2. The perfect belt when you need it to be super small, as my girl does, this scrap fabric belt is so beautiful and looks amazing!

fabric scraps

3. If you have so many fabric scraps and patience, you can make them into some fabric twine. How cool is this?

fabric scraps

4. This awesome pacifier clips scrap fabric project will make an awesome and perfect baby shower gift!

5. Make good use of that scrap fabric by making your very own magnets!

6. This fabric lanyard would be an adorable gift for any teacher. They’re so cool, I love them!

7. These alphabet bean bags are a nice way for your kids to practice their alphabet!

8. This fabric map would be ideal for home decor!

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9. Make some crazy coasters and you’ll have plenty of places for all your mugs!

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10. This cute Book of Colors can help the little ones learn their colors.

fabric scraps

11. Check out these cute mini banners!

12. You can make some cute fabric flowers for your girls’ hair. 

13. These Fabric switchplates tend to add some easy color to your bedroom.

14. Make up some adorable bobby pins with this easy tutorial

15. These super cute door mufflers keep the doors from slamming while the baby is sleeping 

16. These beautiful alphabet letters are an incredible way for kids to get familiar with their letters!

17. This DIY necklace is absolutely easy to make and affordable!

18. Key rings can be used for your home, office, and so on. They are so lovely!

19. Some goody bag cinch sacks are great to send party kids home with.

20. How fun are these scrap fabric bookmarks?

21. Do your kids enjoy counting down the days until a special event? These fabric chains can be used over and over. As a kid, I always used fabric chains to count down to a special event at home. This got me really anxious because I was always looking forward to the event of the proposed day.

If you made it all the way to the end of this article, thank you, and I appreciate you.

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