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10 Handmade Gift Fabric Scrap Ideas

fabric scrap ideas

If you love to sew, then there are a lot of chances you have a few fabric scraps left over.

There’s a good chance that you have some leftover fabric if you enjoy sewing.

After all, you won’t always have the perfect quantity of fabric for a project.

We have a real treat in store for you if you’ve ever wondered what to do with all those loose fabric scraps.

We’ll show you how to make some really awesome bags, wallets, and so much more using the leftover fabric from those adorable Halloween costumes or your other DIY clothing projects.


Fabric Letters and Numbers from Fabric Scraps

I love, love, love these large fabric letters. The possibilities for using them are almost endless. There is so much you can teach kids with regard to spelling, using these easy-to-make cloth letters. We have provided the alphabet in printable patterns, as well as the numbers 0 to 9, the &, as well as the plus and minus and equals signs.

It’s a Great gift for a teacher! We found this tutorial on how to make letters with fabric scraps here.

Fabric Scrap Shoe Laces

The transformation of all those favorite fabric scraps you can’t bear to do away with is one super-cute idea! Makeover a pair of your favorite lace-up shoes with a DIY pair of laces made from the tiniest scraps of fabric.  We found this tutorial on how to make fabric scrap shoelaces here.


Pen/Pencil Holder from Scrap Fabric

This is a lovely thought in the event that you really have a few fabric scraps from each variety in the rainbow. Measure the width you want for your picked pen, pastel, pencil, or marker, cut your pieces with a piece for crease stipend, and sew along with support or top texture to make the singular pen pockets. This can then be moved up and integrated with a tie that could likewise be made of texture leftovers. We’ve found a tutorial on how to make pen/Pencil scraps from scrap fabric here.

Scrap Fabric Owl Softies

These cute, owl-soft toys can be made in any number of color combinations. These are fast little gifts to sew up for little kids. You can find the full tutorial here.

Luggage Tags from Pieces of Scrap Fabric

This one is an incredible fabric scrap upcycle project to give as a gift or sell at craft fairs or online.

Luggage tags are such things you don’t recall you want until you are going to the air terminal as it’s an incredible ‘they likely don’t have one as of now’ drive gift.

We have an incredible instructional exercise for how to make them. Also, on the grounds that they are so little, you can utilize one kind of texture or a few so you truly can utilize every single piece! 

We found an awesome tutorial on how to make luggage tags from pieces of fabric here

Fabric Scrap Baby Bibs

Do you have kids in your life?

You can utilize your pieces to make a sweet baby bib. It could wind up looking excessively great to get food everywhere, except that regardless of whether it gets saved for the best, it will presumably be passed down from one age to another as a memento.

We found an awesome tutorial on how to make baby bibs with fabric scraps here

Scrap Fabric Bunting

Bunting is perfect for every kind of event from birthday events and celebrations to designing a nursery or retail facade.

You can go totally irregular with your decision of scrap texture, like the subsequent photograph, or pick a variety story like A Little Frayed or Bewley’s Hitting Retail Shop. 

You can get an awesome tutorial on how to do scrap fabric bunting for your fabric scraps here

Key Rings from Scrap Fabric

You don’t need lots of fabric to make something unique and practical so you can utilize every last piece of fabric scraps from your art room floor.

You could do one for your home, one for your office, and also adjust it to a vehicle-molded one for your vehicle keys.

You can also find a fantastic tutorial on how to make key rings from fabric scraps here.

Quilted Scrap Fabric Coasters

In a situation where you actually have a couple of little pieces left after all your keychain creations, why not endeavor a couple of beguiling sewed liners.

These would make an incredible gift. Especially if you can find some huge surface pieces that you could see.

You can also find a fantastic tutorial on how to make quilted scrap fabric coasters here

Wrapped Clothes Hangers

Do you need to work on the look and hold of your plain plastic or wire holders?

You can wrap them in scrap fabric strips.

Go variety composed or stir it up.

We have an awesome tutorial about how to use thin scrap fabric trimming. It’s a no-sew process tho.

You can get the awesome tutorial on how to do a wrapped clothes hanger here

If you made it all the way to the end of this article, thank you and I appreciate you.

Please share this amazing content with some of your friends looking for the best fabric scrap ideas.

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