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16 Amazing Fabric Scrap Crafts And Activities For Kids

fabric scrap ideas

Whether you’re a parent looking for a fun, creative activity to keep your kids occupied on a rainy day or a teacher looking for a unique, hands-on project for your students, making crafts with fabric scraps is an excellent way to pass the time.

Fabric scraps are a great material to work with, as they are easy to find, cheap, and versatile. Kids have so much fun cutting, gluing, and painting fabric scraps to create beautiful, unique creations. Not only will your kids enjoy the creative process, but they will also learn how to use their imaginations and create something from nothing. With the help of a few simple supplies, you can transform fabric scraps into exciting and imaginative projects the whole family can enjoy.

Here are some Fabric Scrap Projects you can engage your kids with

Stitched Heart

A small heart cushion is a great fabric craft, but using a plain colour can get boring sometimes. Instead, you can gather your fabric scraps together to create a patchwork heart.

Firstly, use the fabric pieces to create two hearts of the same size. Then, you can sew these together and add stuffing for shape. Large stitching can also add some character.

Fabric Scrap Flower Collage

All you need is glue, fabric, and a sponge brush to make the flower collages. This process art activity is perfect for practicing those fine motor skills.

Patchwork Houses With Cardboard And Collage

fabric scrap for kids
fabric scrap for kids

Children love to use Collage materials to make patchwork houses from cardboard and fabric scraps

Rainbow Scrap Bowl

fabric scrap for children

This rainbow bowl is so colorful and bright! A mix of colours and white. It is a subtle, yet colorful, addition to your spring and summer decor. The bowl was made by wrapping a cotton clothesline with a variety of striped, polka-dotted, and plaid fabric, and then coiling and sewing the wrapped rope into a bowl.

Fabric Scrap Games

fabric scrap for kids

This Fabric Scrap game is easy to make, on a budget, and kids love it. A fabric scrap game is great for a child’s or adult’s birthday, stocking stuffer, or as a party stuffer.

Scrap Fabric Paper Dolls

fabric scrap for kids

This is a fantastic DIY-kids craft to recycle and reuse scrap fabric.

No Sew Fabric Bookmarks

These no-sew fabric bookmarks are easy for kids to make, using a piece of cardboard and a small scrap of cotton or flannel.

Homemade Paper Dolls

fabric scrap for kids

Making paper dolls is a fun, easy way for your kids to express their creative side. This is a great craft for young children.

Baby Play with Fabric Scraps

fabric scrap for kids

The goal of this activity is to have your kid put the fabric scraps in the wipes container and then pull them back out.

Woven Cloth Basket

Monster Dolls

fabric scrap for kids

These DIY monster dolls are the perfect project to do with your kids.

Homemade Cards

fabric scrap for kids

If you are searching for a unique gift you can give a loved one, look no further. These cards are made with love and are a perfect gift your kid can make.

Fabric Letters

fabric scraps for kids

Fabric letters are a great way to teach youngsters as they are large enough for tiny fingers to trace the shape and get to recognize the letters of the alphabet.

Fabric Mache Bowls

fabric scraps for kids

Making DIY fabric bowls is so much fun, and the results are far more unique than typical paper mache crafts.

Paper Clip Bookmarks

fabric scraps for kids

Turn simple paper clips into adorable flower-shaped bookmarks to make reading even more fun!

DIY Paper Dinosaur Hat

fabric scraps for kids

This is a fun 5-minute craft you can easily create. This is great for pretend play or a dress-up costume.


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